Tipu Sultan Tanjore

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A classical artform from southern India, Thanjavur painting also known as Tanjore painting is a celebration of south India's rich artistic tradition, named after the Temple town of Thanjavur in the state of Tamil Nadu, in Southern India. Tanjore as an art form, finds its genesis in the early 1600s,, under  Vijayanagara Rayas who administered their vast kingdom in southern India through the Nayaka Governors who were great patrons of art and literature.In the late 16 th century the Maratha rule was established in this region and it was during this time that Tanjore painting truly flourished and is said to have reached its zenith under the Maratha court of king Serfoji 11.

Traditionally this art form was imbibed and executed by artists, wherein episodes from Hindu Vedic scriptures were visualised, traced, and painted with the main figure placed in the central section of the painting mostly within an architecturally delineated space referred to as a 'Prabhavali'.The art was by and large a sacred task to be performed with a large degree of ritual purity and humility by the master craftsmen, many of whom chose to remain anonymous and true to the Indian artistic tradition. In modern times these beautiful paintings are reminiscent of our rich ancient Indian Art and take forth the timeless legacy of Indian heritage.

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