Vishvamitra & Maneka Lithograph

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Sage 'Vishwamitra' is widely considered amongst the most revered sages of ancient India. This lithograph is a depiction of the interesting mythological narrative wherein Lord Indira frightened by Vishvamitra's power sends a beautiful apsara (a celestial fairy) from heaven to Earth to entice Vishvamithra and break his penance. Menaka who is considered one of the most beautiful heavenly apsaras then seduces Vishwamitra and Shakuntala, their daughter, was born from this union. 

Artist's signature is visible on the extreme right side bottom of the lithograph.

Product Dimensions (including frame): 53 cms [height] x 39cms [width]  

Country of Origin: India

This piece of art comes with a frame and may contain certain irregularities that are inherent to vintage art.

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